Falling Off the Wagon and Getting On Again

The journey to a raw food lifestyle is just that – a journey. It isn’t a straight line, and there are times when the old habits take over taste buds and mindsets. We experienced this in the last couple days. Whereas we were eating mostly raw, in the past few days, Steve has gone back to his eggs and toast for breakfast, and we ate hot meals for dinner. The sad part is that deep inside, I didn’t want to do that – but unless you have mutual cooperation and support, the little voice of “It’s okay…just this once (or twice, or three hundred times)” makes itself very persuasive. And the only way to monitor it is to monitor how you feel after you eat.

Why do we embark on a raw diet in the first place? It is mostly because we feel there is a better way to be healthy. And as we start to feel better and see the results of the new diet, there is a part of us that thinks we can now go back to the old ways because we’ve taken care of the problem. So, as we take two steps forward, we may take three back as we find our way to optimum food choices.

I noted that as a result of the slide backwards, Steve’s snoring returned with a vengeance last night, and I wasn’t sleeping well anyway because I didn’t have raw food at night – save for the outstanding sorbet that Steve made for dessert. Not only did the non-raw food affect my sleep, it also affected my mood. When we were doing mostly raw, I noted that I felt euphoric and light. My body was “singing”, and anything and everything seemed possible. Going back to old patterns of eating turned off the light that I felt and shut down the enthusiasm I’d experienced. How in the world could food do that, you might wonder. It does. Living food makes the cells of our bodies sing. It sounds corny, but if you try the raw food diet, you will see. It’s as though the body comes home to a place of harmony rather than having to battle elements that it does not recognize as its source of sustenance. The result of eating harmoniously is that there is a visceral reaction in mind/body/spirit. Everything synchronizes, and the body becomes a source of light rather than sludge. When attuned, it is part of the symphony of aliveness and is no longer a house divided.

We said from the beginning that we were not going to be fanatics. And observing our human nature of pushing the envelope shouldn’t involve self-recrimination or condemnation. It’s just very interesting to observe how often we tend to go against what is in our own best interest, and determine what part of the brain and psyche seems to like to do that.

Picking ourselves up and recognizing that we can choose differently, it’s important to be consciously aware of what we are doing. We’re not fanatics, but we aren’t slaves to addiction either. We have the opportunity again and again to make choices that will make us feel good or not, so…today and tonight we choose to climb back on the wagon of Raw once again! (KJ)

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One Comment on “Falling Off the Wagon and Getting On Again”

  1. Jill, a Fan of Journey2Raw! Says:

    This is such a COOL website! Thanks for all your experimenting and sharing. When do we get to hear and see MORE from you??
    You have fans out here that want more!! : )

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