Fried Onion Rings No More!

Raw Onion Rings

Raw Onion Rings

Years ago, I used to love deep-fried onion rings, and would order them whenever we went to get a burger and fries. However, as we were more aware of the problems with deep-fried food, I didn’t have them anymore. That is, until now! But THESE onion rings are NOT deep-fried, they are dehydrated!

You might wrinkle your nose at that, but I had leftover sauce for the kale chips we make, and we’d made a lasagna a few nights before with lots of leftover raw onions, zucchini, and yellow squash. I got the idea to coat them all with the kale batter and see how they would taste after being dehydrated. I didn’t tell Steve as I wanted it to be a surprise. They were very tasty, and he liked the idea – deciding we should just do onion rings.

Kale Chips & Raw Onion Rings

Kale Chips & Raw Onion Rings

We made a large batch of them and dehydrated them for about 7 hours. I took them out before they were totally dried, and they were good, but put them back for another 8 hours and WOWIE ZOWIE!!! These are a winner, and naturally we are going to make more.

Now I’m thinking what else we can dehydrate with that sauce, like artichoke hearts and apple slices. There are endless possibilities – the world is our oyster….er, ‘scuse me…I mean, Cauliflower!!

Yum!!! (KJ)

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5 Comments on “Fried Onion Rings No More!”

  1. Jill Says:

    These are the BEST onion rings I have EVER had. And I don’t normally even like onion rings! Delicious!!
    Thank you for your generous sharing of all your wonderful raw creations.

  2. They look yum! And hey, I never thought of kale chips, either! I’m quite the gourmet chef, and dehydrator use is not an element I’ve been using in my kitchen. Keep me posted with your postings and I may need to add dehydrated foods to my ingredient arsenal. Thanks, K and S!

  3. Linda Says:

    For some one who does not follow a raw diet, I am very curious on the batter. I am new to using my dehydrater and would love to make these onion rings. Can you please let me know what was used for the batter.

    Thanks and I love your site.

  4. Someone Sensible Says:

    I also am not really into a raw food diet, but would love to try this out. Could you please share the batter recipe?

  5. purplesamuraigoestomedicalschool26 Says:

    What’s the recipe to the raw kale sauce? I would love to make this!

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