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Massive Zucchini

August 1, 2010

Huge Raw Zucchini!

The other day, Steve was given a HUGE zucchini, and we decided we’d make several different recipes from it. For a while, we just left it on the dining room table as a great conversation piece, but yesterday we made our cooked veggie lasagna, and today will put together a raw version.

We were happy to see that our local Farmer’s Market has expanded to include some fabulous new organic farmers and vendors. One of them is La Vie from Santa Cruz. They used to be a restaurant and now are doing Farmer’s Markets. The quality of their food is very nice, and it is great to be able to go locally to find good raw food and organic produce. Another new vendor is Farmhouse Culture sauerkraut, also from the Santa Cruz area. If you are in S.F. Bay area, College of San Mateo has now got a really first class farmer’s market, including musician, every Saturday from 8-1 PM

Zucchini Casserole

Zucchini Casserole

One thing of interest that was a moment of synchronicity – I spoke with one of the gals from the La Vie booth, and she mentioned that she had been having stuffed up ears and earaches for a while as she’d gone back to cooked food. She got off the cooked food and went back to raw, and the ears cleared up. Interestingly enough, that’s what I’m dealing with now, as we have been falling off the raw wagon by eating more cooked meals with mixed results. I’ve mentioned before that when I eat mostly raw, I have felt great, and some health issues  have improved, including ear wax buildup, but one that has not improved is my blood pressure – which totally astounds me. When I eat mostly raw, it spikes quite high. Now that we’ve been eating cooked food, the blood pressure is normalized, but the ear issues are back, and I don’t have the same vitality.

I’ve gotten more books on health modalities, but I think once again it all boils down to our unique individual chemistry. Like snowflakes, we’re all a little bit different, and it’s the process of finding the clues to what works best for us. So…I’m still trying to find the perfect balance, but do find that I am revitalized when I eat mostly raw. (KJ)