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Remineralize the Earth!

November 4, 2010

Don Weaver is a man with a mission. He has worked tirelessly to spread information about the importance of remineralization for the earth. Through years of bad soil management, important vital nutrients have been lost, and the quality of our food has suffered greatly. As the food chain goes, so go we, and with a lack of elements that are meant to work with our bodies to insure our health and the health of our planet, we see the results of a deteriorating and adulterated food supply. The natural world is being destroyed through greed, ignorance, and harmful policies that ignore the ecosystem’s natural rhythm. However, there is hope. Through use of glacial dust, the health of the soil can be restored and revitalized.  

We’ve been told that in order to have the best vegetables, we need to fertilize and spray for pests. We’ve been told that we need exterminators to eliminate insects from our gardens and our world. Yet, all the pesticides and herbicides do NOT bring about a healthy environment. Their products do not insure better crops or pest free living. They merely poison our food supply, deplete and poison our soil, and cause a weakening to the entire eco-system. Marketing and advertising are nothing more than forms of mass manipulation, and we’ve been sold a bill of goods that endanger the future of our planet and ourselves.

At Remineralize the Earth you can see what is being done and what you can do to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our planet and ourselves. I encourage you to take a look!