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Amazing Body Changes

February 22, 2012

I went for my monthlty cranial sacral treatment yesterday. My body has been off kilter in the last year and the past couple months were especially difficult. My jaw was out of alignment and I had to go twice within the month to get it straightened out.

Yesterday, my cranial sacral therapist was in a state of wonder. “What in the world have you been doing? Your body has made a complete shift and I have not seen the fluids moving this well or any of the other things we’ve been working with. It is amazing!” I told her that I’ve changed my diet and also added nitric oxide tablets – so I’m not sure what is doing what, but I can tell the difference in my body. Steve has gone further with his research and now finding a beyond paleo book and information about the importance of eating EVERYTHING raw…including meat. I’m not ready to go that far, but we did get raw milk, raw cream and raw butter. So…we’ll keep reporting on our progress! KJ


Beyond Raw

February 19, 2012

We have been pretty quiet for over a year, but not because we haven’t been eating and exploring new diets, but because we’re not completely raw anymore. We went back to cooked food, eating a lot of brown rice and veggies and making gluten free breads, but what we’ve found since the beginning of this year is that grains of any type are not really doing us any favors.

I know about the dangers of gluten as I’ve described in other posts here, and finally Steve agreed not to eat it either. As he was curious about the non-gluten and started eating brown rice cereal and oatmeal in place of his daily toast and eggs, he found that it wasn’t really agreeing with him. As we researched further, we found that grains of all type are inflammatory to the body. We have tried so many different “diets” that I remained skeptical. I like rice! But, we decided to investigate further, and I found a couple books and video clips on the Paleo Diet, which at first I just rolled my eyes to. Another fad!

Then we saw a documentary on our local tv station about the paleo diet, and it was done based on studies that showed its effectiveness, including a study done by UCSF -a research oriented medical school I respect.  They had done two week studies with people who were suffering from various diseases, including diabetes and high blood pressure, and found that of the three diets they had the people eating – Mediterranean, Vegetarian, and Paleo, the results were startling. Mediterranean didn’t do much, vegetarian did a little more, but the Paleo results showed dramatic drops in bad levels and increases in good for the participants, including reducing inflamation.

This program prompted me to look on Amazon for paleo diet books, and I found two that sounded good. The first is The Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf, and the second is Paleo Comfort Foods, by Julie and Charles Mayfield. Both have been great purchases, and prompted Steve to get a kindle version of one of The Paleo Diet, by one of the forerunners of the movement, Professor Loren Cordain.

We’ve been on this diet for almost a month, and at first I didn’t notice any benefits. In fact, I felt a little worse. But I agreed to stay on the diet for 60 days, so continued with it, although I still have my chocolate and tea with half and half. What has happened within the last week and a half is that my energy level has increased dramatically as has my enthusiasm level. I am writing again whereas previously I’ve been in a fog. I’ve got creative ideas and the wherewithal to follow through, and this is a major plus as I was feeling as though my purpose in life was dwindling. Now I feel about 10 years younger and intend to feel even better than that –  ageless and timeless!

I heartily recommend that you go to Amazon and read the synopsis of each of these books and the many comments by readers. They are educational and add more information. There are also lots of paleo BLOG sites. What I’ve noted is that now we are eating more raw food again. Since we don’t have any grains, we rely on our wonderful dehydrated crackers that we make out of veggies and nuts – sometimes even without the nuts. We’re not fanatics on this diet. We had coconut ice cream with berries last night, and I feel that people need to experiment and explore with what works best for their own bodies. For me, this appears to be a viable program, but I am open to learning and also watching for proof positive.

The key with paleo, too, is that when you buy meat, make sure it is organic and grass fed/pasture raised if possible. The grain diets that our factory farms feed their livestock is not normal for them anymore than they are for us, and if we are going to eat meat, we want to make sure that the animals have been raised in the most humane environment so that the lives they do have are given dignity! KJ