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A Cleanse and Fast leads Back to Raw Food

January 31, 2015

Steve and I began this journey in 2010. As you scroll down to the bottom, you can travel with us through the many iterations of our investigation and participation in the raw food lifestyle. We went for a time back to a more normalized diet, off gluten, and finally ended up with more of a paleo approach. Recently we both embarked on a Fast…Steve through a colon cleanse fast and me through just a plain old liquid fast that was for seven days. I had been reluctant to do a fast because of contrary information, but was coached by my acupuncturist M.D. who assured me that a fast was a good thing and not to be feared. He suggested I use it as a spiritual retreat, and told me the importance of going into the fast slowly, recommending that I not take any medication while doing it. I countered with my fear about stopping blood pressure meds, and he told me to monitor my BP daily and see what came up. He bet it would be lower.

The fast was so much easier than I thought it would be, and as I embarked on it, I was sent an e-mail suggesting a very insightful teacher, Matt Kahn, who has loads of free video lectures on youtube. While I watched one of his talks each day and proceeded with the fast, I found myself becoming almost bouyant energetically with a feeling of lightness that I hadn’t felt in years.  I’m not an overweight person to begin with, but I could tell that my gut was in need of attention, and the Fast seemed to bring about a lot of beneficial changes. The funny thing to me was that I was never hungry. I drank watered down veggie juice, lots of water, and strained veggie broth at night. My one diversion was a cup of tea each day. When I prepared for the fast – a day of only veggies before the first day – I also took my blood pressure. I was taking my medication faithfully daily, and was curious. My starting point WITH meds was 176/70. Hmmm…that was high. Okay…so on to the Fast. Each day I took the BP and there was a drop of 20 points by day 4, so I decided to stop taking the meds and see what would happen. The next two days, the BP was 10 points less than before. On the fifth day it had dropped 40 points from the starting number and on the following day it was 129/64! To say I was amazed is an understatement.

This drop in blood pressure is something I was told would happen on a raw diet years ago when we started the journey. However, it didn’t. Insteady it got higher. However, when I told that to the doctor who coached me on the Fast, he said that often happens AT FIRST and that then it gradually goes down. Wish I’d known that then! This whole thing has been an amazing journey. I appear to have lost a lot of weight, but that has not been my intention. It’s the internal sense of weight that is important to me and the clearing my body of foods that are not meant to heal and nourish, but to appeal to addictions. It is amazing how food has become an addiction to most of us. We don’t even recognize how seductive the pull is and how we slide down the slippery slope of “just one snack,” “just one drink”, “just one fun journey to a fast food restaurant”….on and on. It can be the pull of the overgrowth of yeast that calls, or parasites, excess bacteria…who knows. The key is that when we want to be as clear as possible, we need to choose a journey that supports the body, not hinders it.

I don’t want to fall back into old patterns. As I make this journey a full integration of my mind, body, and spirit, I think it’s possible. As I recognize my body as an incredible conscious being that I am wedded to throughout life, recognizing that it is as much God as I am and all life is, I have a different attitude. I have been speaking to each cell as though they are the most wonderful team on the planet – that I love them and respect them and want to feed them what is important for optimum health.

We’ll keep you updated on how things unfold in this portion of the journey, and always appreciate your sharing your own experiences as well! KJ


We’re Back!

January 31, 2015

We are back! We have some amazing stories to share with you….this is QUITE a JOURNEY!!