Delicious Raw and Cooked

20150421_170059 (Small)Steve has been studying all manner of healing books and come up with new combinations of herbs, supplements, and other important nutrients, and while he has been on that quest, I have been more and more interested in energy medicine. I have had wonderful healing sessions with a Body Talk practitioner and listened to a Winter of Wellness seminar online where Donna Eden gave a presentation on the value of Energy Medicine, so I bought her book and her Energy Medicine Kit. I also am going to take a one day seminar in Body Talk, Last evening I listened to an interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, and though his commentary about reversing aging was compelling.20150421_165946 (Small)

As I was reading the manual in the Energy Medicine Kit, Steve informed me that he was making a raw veggie medley with the spiralizer. Zucchini, carots, white baby turnips, red bell pepper with arugala on top, and doused with a tomato, onion, garlic, mushroom sauce sauce that added a little heat to the dish and was absolutely delicious.

20150421_170208 (Small)

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