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Journey to the Health Club

April 26, 2010
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Last Saturday Kathleen and I decided that as part of our new health regimen we would go and check out a new fitness club that had just started up. It was built into the local community college but was open to the public. And since the same community college also hosted a Saturday farmers market we decided to kill two birds with one stone. After gathering up our organic greens and such we decided to check out the new health club.

The new club had just been opened April first and they were still applying fresh coats of paint. It was quite impressive. They had all the latest equipment in spades. They even had two pools! One pool was Olympic sized. They had Pilates rooms and yoga rooms and spin rooms galore! They even had a special room with workout equipment for the disabled. This was of special interest to me since I work with the disabled on a daily basis.

After the tour the nice tour guide girl showed us the price list that she had kept so closely guarded throughout the tour. When we first walked in we had asked the cost and she said that she did not know. But she obviously did.  Sweet girl.  She did not pressure us to join so we left to think it over. The prices were a just a bit below what 24 Hour Fitness had quoted us in the past. But there was the issue of parking. It would cost an additional $7.50 per month.

We were intending to also check out a brand new 24 Hour Fitness which was just a block from my workplace. I knew it would be more expensive.  Being in our sixties, and not having the income we once enjoyed, we decided to think it over. Why did we want to join a health club?  For health reasons of course. How much would we actually utilize the club once joined? If my past history is any guide, the answer would be perhaps once a week or less.  As an example, several years ago we joined a health club that gave us a fantastic rate – something like $190 per each for the entire year. I think we went twice!

We decided to skip the tour of the 24 Hour Fitness and went home to mull things over. Once home we looked around and saw that we had a lot of piled up cardboard boxes in the garage that needed to be deconstructed and made ready for trash day. Next we noticed that certain areas of the garage had become cluttered and needed a decent clearing as well. In fact the entire garage needed a clearing! Then, thinking beyond the garage, we thought that it is Spring and the entire house could use a decent Spring cleaning, the patio needed a good sprucing up and the garden needed planting. The side yard fence needed to be rebuilt. Then there was the compost pile and worm farm I had just ordered. That would need to be set up next week.  I had been planning to clear out my computer shop in the basement and also my studio.

After careful consideration we decided that we already had a health club right here at home!  With a weekly bike ride and project after project lined up we should have enough physical activity to last through the entire year! And the cost? ZERO!

So why is it people join health clubs?  I figure that it is most likely younger people who want to look buff and attract a mate. They probably have desk jobs and have a tiny apartment and not a lot of actual real world chores to do.  We, being of Germanic descent have an ingrained work ethic burned into our DNA chip. So it makes no sense to go work out without actually accomplishing any real work! Now that I understand this, I can feel a whole lot better about not having joined a fancy health club! – Steve