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Alternative Dairy Free and Gluten Free Tea and Coffee Creamer!

November 16, 2013

Lately we have decided to try to eliminate dairy products from our diet. We are big tea drinkers and I especially love strong black tea in the morning. This usually has to have tons of half and half or even cream to cut it enough to make it palatable to me.  This is basically a combination of two recipes I found.  The basic recipe uses a can of full-fat coconut milk. You don’t want Lite because you actually want as much coconut fat as possible for this to work.

This is so easy it’s almost laughable!  You simply take one can of Whole Foods 360 organic coconut milk (or any brand), dump it in a high-speed blender, then add one can’s worth (use the empty coconut milk can) of hemp milk or almond milk, flax or oat milk. (I prefer to use homemade hemp milk – see my recipe below.) You can add a teaspoon of vanilla and also some sweetener if you want it to taste great or you could add a good squirt of raw organic agave nectar or some other sweetener such as Xylitol. Whir for a minute or so and enjoy.

You can also easily make hemp milk at home. Take one cup of hemp hulled seeds (available at Whole Foods or online). Pre-grind a tablespoon or two of Chia Seeds into a powder. This will help make it more creamy. Add both to your Vita-Mix or other high speed blender. Add three cups of water. Blend for about a minute.

Use about a can full of the hemp-chia milk to your can of coconut milk mixture with the vanilla and sweetener. Blend all together for a minute or two, and voila, you have a fabulous tea or coffee creamer!  The first time I tried it I was amazed!  It was the best I have tried of all home-made recipes or store bought!

You can keep this in the fridge and use it all week long. It makes at least 2 – 3 cups worth.  Enjoy!

Needless to say I had a good amount of hemp milk left over, so no problem, I made delicious chocolate milk out of it!  Of course you could just have it straight too.

– Steve


Fried Onion Rings No More!

June 3, 2010
Raw Onion Rings

Raw Onion Rings

Years ago, I used to love deep-fried onion rings, and would order them whenever we went to get a burger and fries. However, as we were more aware of the problems with deep-fried food, I didn’t have them anymore. That is, until now! But THESE onion rings are NOT deep-fried, they are dehydrated!

You might wrinkle your nose at that, but I had leftover sauce for the kale chips we make, and we’d made a lasagna a few nights before with lots of leftover raw onions, zucchini, and yellow squash. I got the idea to coat them all with the kale batter and see how they would taste after being dehydrated. I didn’t tell Steve as I wanted it to be a surprise. They were very tasty, and he liked the idea – deciding we should just do onion rings.

Kale Chips & Raw Onion Rings

Kale Chips & Raw Onion Rings

We made a large batch of them and dehydrated them for about 7 hours. I took them out before they were totally dried, and they were good, but put them back for another 8 hours and WOWIE ZOWIE!!! These are a winner, and naturally we are going to make more.

Now I’m thinking what else we can dehydrate with that sauce, like artichoke hearts and apple slices. There are endless possibilities – the world is our oyster….er, ‘scuse me…I mean, Cauliflower!!

Yum!!! (KJ)

Raw and Rumi

May 31, 2010
Panaramic View from Deck

Panaramic View from Deck

What a fabulous meetup we had last night at Table for Life in San Carlos.   We were treated to an inspired evening of poetry and music with Eric Rumi Schneider and cellist, Elaine Kreston.

Eric & Elaine

Eric & Elaine in Concert doing Rumi

Our hosts, Michael and Anna Coulter, have a gorgeous home in the hills that has a panoramic view of the Bay Area, and the food shared by all attending was truly delicious. Again it reminds us of how good we feel when we eat a raw diet, and reaffirms our commitment to doing more. Beyond that, how grateful we are for the opportunity to meet with like minded individuals who are also on a journey within the raw food lifestyle.

Even though we’re not all 100% raw, we are each making our way and finding the benefits and challenges through the process. The super thing about meetup groups is that there are people who can answer questions and who can share their own journey, as well as wonderful recipes that are healthy and delicious. These monthly gatherings affirm the journey and often lead to friendships and learning about other things of interest.

Most incredibly, you note the aliveness of everyone participating. There is something about raw food that creates a glow that emanates from within and shines on the faces of those who have found this way of eating. I think it is the cells within the body all playing in symphonic delight, grateful for being given food that is alive and vibrant so that renewal can take place in the healthiest of ways. Steve has taken pictures of the food, and even won second prize for his delicious onion/mushroom crackers with cashew “cheese” spread.

Mushroom Onion Crackers with MocKotta Cheese

Mushroom Onion Crackers with MocKotta Cheese

If you would like to join or start a group in your own area, check out for information. Just enter raw food groups in their search dialogue box, and see what’s available. If the groups in your area are anything like the ones in ours, they are well worth attending! (KJ)

Gluten & Wheat-Free Vegetarian Zucchini Lasagna Recipe

May 30, 2010

Gluten & Wheat-Free Vegi Lasagna

Gluten & Wheat-Free Vegi Lasagna

by Steve Freier

This is my own creation based upon both raw and cooked versions.  It uses thinly sliced zucchini and yellow squash to produce amazingly realistic noodles with the texture you would associate with pasta noodles made from wheat! The benefit of course is that this dish is ideal for those who cannot tolerate wheat or gluten in any form.  I like to use zucchini; spinach and yellow squash for this vegetable lasagna. Feel free to experiment with different vegetables. Serve with a nice salad.

(See Assembly Photos Below)

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

·    1 Red Bell Pepper.
·    2 -3 medium Zucchini, Sliced
·    2-3 medium Yellow Squash, Sliced
·    Red Onions Slices
·    2 C mushrooms, sliced
·    2 C Spinach
·    Himalayan Pink Salt
·    Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
·    1-1/2 Logs Trader Joes Goat Cheese
·    2 large eggs
·    3 cloves garlic, minced
·    1 C Parsley
·    1 Tbsp. Italian seasoning
·    1 26 oz. jars Raw Tomato sauce

·    Slice the Mushrooms and soak in a mixture of Olive Oil & Soy Sauce for an hour or more.
·    Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
·    Using a Cuisinart, blend the Cheese with the garlic, eggs, parsley and Italian seasoning till smooth
·    Using a Mandolin, thinly slice Zucchini, Yellow Squash & Red Bell Peppers.
·    Spread a layer of the Tomato Sauce in the bottom of a 9 x 13 baking dish.
·    Layer the Zucchini & Squash in an even layer.
·    Layer Onions and bell pepper Slices
·    Layer Spinach & Mushrooms
·    Spread Cheese Mixture
·    Spread tomato Sauce
·    Repeat process ending with a layer of Tomato Sauce and then a sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese on top.

Zucchini & Yellow Squash Slices

Zucchini & Yellow Squash Slices

A Little This, A Little That

May 15, 2010

We haven’t written for a while, not because we haven’t been doing our raw food journey – just because we’ve been very busy. We’ve got several things to report. First, on the health front, I am still having to find a balance with my blood pressure, and an old problem re-emerged for a week as I felt constant gas and discomfort from eating raw. This has really surprised me since everyone is so complimentary about how much better you feel when you go raw, and for the first month I did feel that way. However, it has been explained to me that once the body starts getting used to being fed “real” food, it begins to let go of the toxins that have been stored up, and an inner housecleaning gets underway. Well, if that’s all it is, I don’t mind. But it really does annoy me to think I’m doing all this good stuff for my body, and the body is not responding as it’s “supposed” to.

We went to an interesting Raw Food Meetup Group meeting where the presentation was given by Dr. T – Dr. Tel-Oren – about what foods are good, and what is not. He said if we eat things that aren’t good for us, we need to be aware that we’re compromising. It’s not about justifying – just accepting that there are times when we do eat things that may not be the best for us. On his list of no-no’s, agave syrup and raw cacao. Shocker! Dr. T said that there are so many things floating around the raw food movement that are stated as gospel, when they are actually incorrect. He said cacao is poison, no matter what studies tell you. He said if we must eat chocolate, it is better to have it cooked than raw. And he had about the same thing to say about agave syrup related to poison. His recommendation for sweetener is date paste. He thinks honey should only be used in very small amounts. So…that was an interesting evening of information that we may not have wanted to hear in total, but it brings more awareness about the need for discretion AND for really checking out the research – not just reading what each of the “me too” books keep passing along as fact. Check out more about Dr. T. He is a fascinating man who has a raw restaurant called Ecopolitan in Minneapolis, and travels the world giving workshops and talks about foods that matter.

Que Seraw Seraw

Que Seraw Seraw

We found a wonderful raw food take-out place in Burlingame. For those of you on the S.F. Peninsula, this is good news. Que SeRaw SeRaw has been there for nine years next to Earthbeam Health Food Store on Broadway and Cappuccino. The owner, Alicia Parnell, is a vibrant and vital woman, having gotten into raw food herself to improve her health. She is a dynamo and is planning to expand to other sites further south on the Peninsula.

Que Seraw Seraw

Que Seraw Seraw

Since finding her take-out shop, we’ve been back several times, and there are several offerings I really like a lot. Sundried Miso Pate is yummy as are the sunflower crackers. Cranberry Scones appeal to my love of something not too sweet to go with an afternoon cup of tea (yes…I have not given that up yet). I’ve had the green olive pizza and the vegie lasagna – both really yummy, and my favorite – the beet salad is a wonderful zesty addition that would please anyone. In fact all the food

Que Seraw Seraw

Que Seraw Seraw

there is great whether you are a raw foodist, vegetarian, or omnivore. I’m so glad we have this close by so we can enjoy and support this kind of quality food offering. Oh…and then the other thing which was not available the last two times we went – the collard green wrap was SUPER. Parnall makes a “cream cheese” spread from cashews, lemon, and her own special spices that is just delicious, and all the fresh veggies and dried cranberries wrapped in the collard green were fresh, full of flavor, and just hit the spot. This is a thumbs up place for sure. Jamie Oliver ought to be promoting some of THIS food for schools! Here he is giving a Ted Talk! You can check out Que SeRaw SeRaw at:

We’ve done 4 videos for You-Tube on non-cooking with Steve and Dave, sharing four recipes that our friends wanted to learn how to make. We decided to do the videos while the boys prepared the food, and they were fun and informative. We’ll have them up as soon as Steve is able to get them edited. He’s been inundated with editing jobs recently, so that’s another reason we haven’t been posting as he is our tech wizard with the pictures.

Thai Coconut Soup

Thai Coconut Soup

Our latest recipe was a delicious Thai coconut soup…very good. Here are two photos of recent Thai Coconut Soup creations… the latest recipes we’ve been playing with.

Thai Coconut Soup 2

Thai Coconut Soup 2

Finally, on the raw food front, I recently bought a DVD called Raw Food for Real People done by Rod Rotondi. It’s a 3 DVD set including step-by-step recipe demonstrations and a recipe booklet. I would have given this a 5 star rating except for the most annoying music that unfortunately plays throughout most of his demonstrations. We did a showing for a few friends, and two of them had to leave the room because the quality and choice of music was really almost completely opposite to what the raw food experience should be. Oh, well. Too bad they didn’t have a choice of subtitles so we could have turned off the sound. Other than that, the recipes are great, and he gives a lot of good tips. If you are interested, you can go check out the trailer at I just saw that he has a recipe book by the same name, so that might be a good option for those of you who are sensitive to noise.

Hope you are having an enjoyable spring and trying new recipes and ways of increasing your joy with raw food. That’s it for now! (KJ)

Planet Raw in Bay Area!

April 16, 2010

We went for lunch to a new raw food restaurant located in Pleasant Hill, CA. This is a spinoff of Raw Food Chef and author Juliano’s successful Santa Monica location, and is managed by his co-owner sister, Carolynn Brotman who is also Executive Chef.  The consensus from all of us – it is a WINNER!  (This link will take you to the Santa Monica site, but there is a link from them to the new restaurant in Pleasant Hill.)

We had the most delicious raw coconut Thai soup and an appetizer of stunning raviolis with sun-dried tomato “cheese” filling on a layer of incredible spaghetti  that turned out to be kelp based. I was speechless. Kelp spaghetti?? Wow! And the desserts…..Oh, My!! Chocolate parfait on cookie crust with pomegranate seeds, apple pie with delicious topping on Brazil nut crust. The presentation was beautiful and the prices were very reasonable.

Next day we went to Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley, and there was no comparison in quality or flavor. Planet Raw wins hands down. So, if you are fortunate enough to be in the East Bay, give yourself an epicurean delight. Located across from Diablo Valley College in a small shopping mall, the food can be eaten there or taken out. They are open every day except Sunday, and my only complaint is that we live on the Peninsula and they are far away. However, I’m so motivated by good food that I will make a special trip for lunch when I’m over in the Berkeley area again. On a further note, if you can’t visit either Planet Raw location, get Juliano’s book, RAW, The UNcook Book


Crazy Chocolate Nut Balls!

March 8, 2010

We had a wonderful journey to the Farmer’s Market in Palo Alto and found one farmer whose kale we especially like. She gave us extra to make kale chips for her, and after we got home, we pulled out our kale recipe and got them going.

Our favorite raw food cones at Raw Daddy were as good as ever, and in asking how the search for venture capital is going for the first raw fast food restaurant, the owner told me his meetings the past week went very well. It would be SUPER to have that option for kids, and he’s targeting a space near the high school and Stanford University where many go for lunch and after classes.

chocolate cake dough

chocolate cake dough

We bought new dishes for food display and prepared the “chocolate cake” recipe Steve made day before yesterday. Instead of making a cake out of the mixture (ground walnuts and raisins, a date, and cacao powder) we decided to make little roll ups. So we experimented with flattening the dough and putting a little almond butter in the center, a thin slice of kiwi on top of that, and on other ones, we put very thinly sliced kumquats and kumquat shavings. Then we rolled them up into balls and coated them in either ground pecans or coconut. The results were delicious.

Raw "Chocolate" Nut Ball Dessert

Raw "Chocolate" Nut Ball Dessert

Now we have a dessert that does not have manufactured sugar in it and is super tasty. Of course, we are becoming somewhat competitive. Steve suggested that we put our roll-ups in separate containers so we could see whose were better! HA!!!

Steve has lead the way in preparation of food, and I have felt that other than my salads and roll ups, I haven’t really made any of the recipes. I just buy the recipe books, follow his instructions, arrange the contents on the dehydrator sheets, and take crackers and whatever else we dehydrate out and put away in air tight containers. I get input on the photos, but that’s about it to date. I will venture forth in new ways while he is at work one day, as I must have my day in the sun!

Kathleen did the layout

Left: Hers / Right: His

Speaking of pictures, we have our author’s page up, and someone wrote to me and told me I look sad. I’m not. I made Steve smile, but he wanted me to look pensive – more of an author look. Well, I’m here to let you know, I am not pensive much. Mostly a playful five year old trapped in my grandmother’s body!

We love your comments, so keep them coming, including your experience with smoothies or raw food. Have a great day! Hmmmm… now where did I put those kale chips?  (KJ)