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Food Matters

December 10, 2010

If you have seen Supersize Me and the other DVD’s  reminding us of the importance of what we eat, there is a new one that I just ordered called FOOD MATTERS. I invite you to take a look at the trailer and the responses others have had to this DVD. We embarked on a raw food diet last year after viewing Raw For Life, and for many of us who have clogged up our systems with too much of the wrong food AND prescription medications, this is a powerful message designed to assist us in realigning ourselves to what we can do to make sure we stay as healthy and vital as possible. It isn’t rocket science, but we do need to understand what is actually in our food chain and how it is feeding the pharmaceutical industry to take advantage of our insatiable desire for an easy way out.

We slipped back into bad eating habits as the year progressed, and this kind of DVD is just the thing to perk us up and get us back on track.

Here’s to everyone’s better health!!


The Junk Food Experiment

March 5, 2010

McDonalds Restaurant

The other day I had to be out of the office all day. Long about 1pm I started to feel hungry and I was just then passing by a brand new McDonalds Restaurant.  My primitive brain must’ve taken over because I did an immediate U-turn and drove right into the spanking new parking lot.  Well, hey, I did have a need for the rest room, didn’t I?  How could I just march in there to use the restroom and not buy anything?

In the recent past I would’ve had a hot Big Mac!  I didn’t patronize McDonalds very often – maybe once or twice a month on average.  But now that I had gone mostly raw it didn’t seem quite right to keep eating burgers from McDonalds. What could I have without guilt that wouldn’t kill me?  Hummmmm. Let me see. I perused the entire menu while someone in line ahead of me was ordering for what seemed like a small army – to go.  Maybe they had to use the rest room too?

Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock

I finally decided on the Medium French Fries. The price was $1.89 – close to $2.00!  For that amount of money, I thought, I could buy an entire bunch of Kale or other fresh Greens!  Fried GMO potatoes vs. Organic Greens!  Such a deal!

Well I walked out with my fries and ate them without ketchup. That was a first.  They were waaaaay too salty but they did taste good.  What an indulgence I thought.

Later that evening we ate cooked grain burgers.  And then after dinner I bowed to temptation and had a few chocolate-covered peanut butter filled pretzels from Trader Joes. And then I had a few more. And then a few more!  I was on a binge and I couldn’t help myself for some reason!

CPAP Sleep Apnea Device

CPAP Sleep Apnea Device

That night Kathleen complained that I started in snoring again.  Since starting the mostly raw food diet I had ceased snoring. That was quite significant as I thought the next step might be having to get one of those Sleep Apnea breathing assist devices – called a CPAP Machine! I know at least two men that have to use them and it has to be a major inconvenience at best! So here I was starting in with the snoring again!  Not a good sign! And what I noticed was that I had a horrible case of acid reflux again which kept me up half the night. That is also something that had disappeared on the mostly raw diet.

I guess some of us have to learn our lessons the hard way. Lucky for me, I sometimes learn quickly!  So it seems the lesson here is that once you start sliding down that slippery slope the ride gets bumpier and then rougher very quickly. It’s better not to start in in the first place. I am not saying that eating at McDonalds is necessarily bad every once in a while, but it certainly can lead you to further temptations.

If my brief experience is any indication, you should take it as a warning to stay far away! And you certainly don’t want to do what Morgan Spurlock did. Morgan Spurlock was the star and director of “Super Size Me,” a film about a man living on McDonald’s food for 30-days straight. It’s not recommended.  He severely damaged his health and is now a vegan vegetarian!

– by Steve Freier