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Raw Food for Cats

March 3, 2010
Patsy the Cat

Patsy the Cat

Long before we recognized the potential for a healthier life through raw food for ourselves, we realized it for our cat. After she’d had a couple bouts with urinary tract infections and we had a huge Vet bill, Steve decided to research cats and diet. He found that the best diet for them was raw meat, and gave me a recipe to put together for her. So we did, and from that time forward, her fur is better, she has had no more health issues, and aside from being pudgy, she is our mostly raw food fur child.

The basic recipe of the food I fix for her is this:

About 2 lbs of dark turkey ground meat

1 lb of chicken livers chopped fine

1 container baby food peas

1 container baby food yellow squash

chopped parsley

1 tsp cod liver oil

1 Tbls. nutritional yeast

2 cat vitamins crushed

I mix everything together and put in little baggies, then freeze for 3 days to kill any parasites that might be in the meat. I then take a couple packages and put them in the fridge to thaw, feeding her portions twice a day from one bag. The recipe fills about 9 or 10 sandwich bags – and I make portions that would be equal or a little more to a small can of cat food (Friskies size). Once in a while she gets 5-10 kibbles, but she’s actually not even wanted those lately. We’ve been doing this now for 2 years, and the results have been good.

The journey to raw – or mostly raw – is shared by the whole family now, so thought you might like to know about that for your own pets.