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A Lovely Birthday Party, Prayer, and Vitamin B12

June 5, 2010
Raw Dinner Plate

Raw Dinner

We had another lovely evening with friends, enjoying the benefits of the raw food diet. It was a birthday celebration, and the Thai coconut soup was a huge hit.

We followed this with the spiralized zucchini, yellow squash, and parsnip topped with our raw tomato sauce. Zucchini crackers with two types of humus were side accompaniments, and we had lovely fresh strawberries with a gluten-free small cake for dessert.

Raw Coconut Soup

Raw Coconut Soup

Gluten-Free Birthday Cake

Gluten-Free Birthday Cake

Our friends told us about a yummy dessert they make – a Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie! They use hazelnut milk,  peanut butter, cocoa powder, and 1 or 2 bananas. Steve and I perked up at this idea, so he went into the kitchen and whipped up a yummy smoothie with raw almond butter in place of the peanut butter, raw cacao powder, and a teaspoon of vanilla. DELICIOUS!!

On another note, I’ve noted that lately I’ve felt a little bit “off”. I know that there is a lot of toxicity that is supposed to be exiting the body as we change over to more and more raw food, however, this has been a little strange. I prayed about it, and lo and behold, this morning I received an e-mail newsletter from Dr. Mercola in which he mentioned the importance of Vitamin B12 for people who are vegetarians and vegans. When he included the symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency, I felt I’d found the answer to my recent unpleasant symptoms. Fortunately, I had B12 sublinguals in 5,000 units (which he recommends) and took one. Within an hour, my vision improved, my energy level rebounded, and my balance was better.

This just goes to show us that even if raw food is good for us, we do have to make up for some of the things we might otherwise need in minerals and vitamins to make up for missing ingredients in our diet.

Once again, I was shown the validity and importance of prayer, and the point was well taken. Rather than waiting until everything else fails, THAT is the place we need to go first, for aren’t we reminded through one of the most universal prayers to our Creator, “give us this day our daily bread”?

In order to receive, we have to ask, and in so doing, our lives unfold with so much more grace and less internal stress. I once was told that prayers that aren’t prayed can never be answered, and the beauty of prayer is that it is just a request away!  We are the ones who needlessly frustrate ourselves by trying to do it all alone, and yet here is a freely given gift. My gift today was Vitamin B12, and for that I am deeply grateful . Amen! (KJ)


The Journey Goes Way Beyond Food

May 27, 2010

As we embarked on this journey into the lifestyle of raw food – and make no mistake – it is a lifestyle, there were other things that emerged as well. Watching my body change and feeling the difference the unadulterated food made to my system, I wanted more at a deeper level.

Years ago, I wrote a book called Vision of the Grail, ( ) and it had come about because I was honoring a daily practice of meditation and gratitude. I flowed with life and with my inner guidance, doing the things that brought harmony into the space that was my world. When Steve and I got together, my routine changed, and I stopped meditating daily. I found all kinds of other things to grab my attention, and the spark that was so alive and vivid within me slowly dwindled to an ember.

As synchronicity would have it, whenever I ask from my heart for answers, they come. And this year, along with the raw food exploration, I’ve had the good fortune to have several meaningful promptings to return to my spiritual underpinnings. First was the book, Chants of A Lifetime, by Krishna Das, whose chants I find both compelling and soothing to my soul. Secondly was The Tapping Solution (mentioned in a previous post), that brought a way of moving beyond the blocks I couldn’t see or touch at surface level, but through tapping, was able to release major issues from childhood.  And finally and best of all, a DVD:  Eckhart Tolle’s Findhorn Retreat, Stillness Amidst the World.

When Steve and I had our radio show, The Millennium Cafe, in the San Francisco Bay Area back in 2000, we interviewed many people who were on the cutting edge of consciousness. Byron Katie was one. When she came to our home studio and we looked into one another’s eyes, there was only Presence. She had awakened, and has gone on to be a major source of inspiration to many. Eckhart Tolle is another who has woken up, and he offers a way to us that is simple and filled with grace. I had one other person who was awake enter my life many years ago, and his work prompted my writing and many other remarkable insights. But, just as we need food and water to sustain the body, we need our spiritual nourishment to sustain our Being. In the Western tradition, we state in prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread.” That refers to food for the soul, and it is that for which we all long, whether we know it consciously or not.

Taking time daily to watch small portions of the Findhorn DVD, do the tapping exercises, read Krishna Das’s book and chant, has brought me back to my spiritual home. The interior life is such a rewarding reality, and as we clear out the demons of our mind, we find a place that is unruffled by the latest political scandal or disaster. We have a space that is beyond all the momentary flare-ups where we can come into a place of peace and repose. The amazing thing about the inner world is that it is always available and it is free if we but open the door. That of course is the trick. Interestingly, salvation is hidden in plain sight, merely a breath away…a shift of attention and focus. In the twinkling of an eye, we are there. And that, my friends, is what this whole journey is about. (KJ)

Body/Mind/Spirit and The Tapping Solution

April 28, 2010

It’s fascinating how things work. We are a combination of body/mind/spirit. We’ve heard it before, we know it intellectually, but when it comes right down to the every day actions we take, most of us are living lives that are out of balance. We are either overly involved in mental pursuits, spend too much time focusing on our physical bodies, or have turned our back on the physical world to be connected to our spiritual link. The point being, we are busy striving for physical perfection, for knowledge, or for a space in an afterlife that keeps our focus way out there rather than right here now.

What I’ve noticed about doing more raw food is that it gets me to the raw emotions that run my life. I’m seeing where I’ve been hard wired for fight/flight, and how that has affected my health and my choices in life. As an offshoot to choosing new ways of eating, I’m suddenly finding different mental constructs lighting up things from my past. And as I open myself to meditating again after not doing it for years, my insights trigger new behavior patterns that are doing for my mind and spiritual life what the raw food diet is doing for my body. It all goes hand in hand. Also, I’m seeing the continuous flow of synchronicity as books or DVD’s begin to come across my screen that are pertinent to where I am in the current moment and offer what I might need to get me to the next step.

A DVD that I found VERY helpful is The Tapping Solution. It’s all about digging in to the hidden statements that are running a subconscious program we aren’t consciously aware of. As we   make statements that reflect what is going on in the moment while tapping on body meridians at the same time, changes take place. Moreover, one statement leads to another and another, plumbing the depth of an issue that has heretofore been out of reach. It’s a valuable process, and I recommend going to the website to look at the DVD trailer and the interviews provided.    ( )                                         As much as the production company’s DVD  on Raw for Life  got me to concentrate more on a raw food diet, this one has brought insights that have helped me release hard wired ways of being that have had a negative impact on my health.

What I thought was a Journey into exploration of raw food has become a much more profound journey into fullness of life and wellbeing that exceeds my expectations and offers a doorway into much more vibrant living that is open to all of us. It’s about finding balance, creating harmony, and being fully alive regardless of our age. This journey offers incredible rewards…it is actually a hero’s journey that I wrote about in my novel, Vision of the Grail. ( The only criteria is that we need to be ready and willing to give up habits that have left us disillusioned and been self-destructive.

As Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.”  We have the tools. We can make this a fun process, and by embarking on this different path, we might be surprised and amazed at what shows up for us. Anything and everything is possible! (KJ)

Journeying Through Raw Food Into Spiritual Communion

April 23, 2010

Raw food that has been organically grown is great. It is as close to perfection as we can get in the physical form. We aren’t adulterating it, we aren’t modifying it, we are merely taking in the fully loaded gift of nature to our bodies – a partnership that was designed to work. In conjunction with eating raw, we find that as the body is cleansed and renewed through the aliveness of living food, we also begin to feel the stirring in our bodies of wanting to have a more fulfilling connection with our spiritual life. This may or may not be a religious life – but is the raw unadulterated connection to the Source of our Being.

Just as we appreciate living food, we search for spiritual sustenance that is alive and vibrant. And our diet is a first step in that direction. Sure, we can meet our Creator regardless, but there is something that happens when we get the junk out-of-the-way. By overloading our system with toxic elements, we’re bogged down. We become sluggish in body and mind, and when that happens, we often find ourselves with less interest and energy to give to the greater questions of our full purpose here and now.

The Journey to Raw is also a journey to the spiritual underpinnings of our lives. Raw food and raw connection to Source go hand in hand. They are unadulterated and designed to work in a beautiful symbiotic relationship. As we activate the electrical system in our body through the elements we put into it, we light up the grid that receives information from the non-physical plane, and in that field of possibilities, suddenly our purpose and path become clearer. Yes…it requires that we take the time in prayer and meditation, but that’s exactly what we do with raw food. We make up our minds to engage in an interchange with our body’s best friend – real food. And we do what it takes to prepare it, create something beautiful that we honor upon eating, and find ourselves suddenly feeling joy and vibrant health as a result. When we do the same thing with our spiritual life – putting that as the first thing on our daily agenda, the results are the same. We honor ourselves by honoring our food and our spiritual life – we light up all the cellular and ephemeral points in our bodies and become what we were designed to be in the first place – the living light of That Which created us! (KJ)

Falling Off the Wagon and Getting On Again

April 1, 2010

The journey to a raw food lifestyle is just that – a journey. It isn’t a straight line, and there are times when the old habits take over taste buds and mindsets. We experienced this in the last couple days. Whereas we were eating mostly raw, in the past few days, Steve has gone back to his eggs and toast for breakfast, and we ate hot meals for dinner. The sad part is that deep inside, I didn’t want to do that – but unless you have mutual cooperation and support, the little voice of “It’s okay…just this once (or twice, or three hundred times)” makes itself very persuasive. And the only way to monitor it is to monitor how you feel after you eat.

Why do we embark on a raw diet in the first place? It is mostly because we feel there is a better way to be healthy. And as we start to feel better and see the results of the new diet, there is a part of us that thinks we can now go back to the old ways because we’ve taken care of the problem. So, as we take two steps forward, we may take three back as we find our way to optimum food choices.

I noted that as a result of the slide backwards, Steve’s snoring returned with a vengeance last night, and I wasn’t sleeping well anyway because I didn’t have raw food at night – save for the outstanding sorbet that Steve made for dessert. Not only did the non-raw food affect my sleep, it also affected my mood. When we were doing mostly raw, I noted that I felt euphoric and light. My body was “singing”, and anything and everything seemed possible. Going back to old patterns of eating turned off the light that I felt and shut down the enthusiasm I’d experienced. How in the world could food do that, you might wonder. It does. Living food makes the cells of our bodies sing. It sounds corny, but if you try the raw food diet, you will see. It’s as though the body comes home to a place of harmony rather than having to battle elements that it does not recognize as its source of sustenance. The result of eating harmoniously is that there is a visceral reaction in mind/body/spirit. Everything synchronizes, and the body becomes a source of light rather than sludge. When attuned, it is part of the symphony of aliveness and is no longer a house divided.

We said from the beginning that we were not going to be fanatics. And observing our human nature of pushing the envelope shouldn’t involve self-recrimination or condemnation. It’s just very interesting to observe how often we tend to go against what is in our own best interest, and determine what part of the brain and psyche seems to like to do that.

Picking ourselves up and recognizing that we can choose differently, it’s important to be consciously aware of what we are doing. We’re not fanatics, but we aren’t slaves to addiction either. We have the opportunity again and again to make choices that will make us feel good or not, so…today and tonight we choose to climb back on the wagon of Raw once again! (KJ)

Delving Deeper Into The Raw Food Lifestyle

March 24, 2010
Raw Hummus w/Endive and Raw Corn Chips

Raw Hummus w/Endive and Raw Corn Chips

We’ve had some wonderful successes with the raw food diet, weight reduction being one of the most immediate ones. We are also seeing our skin coming into a healthy glow and feeling better. I have had one area of concern, which I mentioned previously – the elevation of my blood pressure since being on this change of diet. What I am seeing through my research is that many issues crop up that appear worse before they get better, and as the health care practitioner I’m working with told me, the blood pressure medicine I was on is no longer being tolerated by my body. In fact, it is blocking something else that is trying to occur. So, I’m waiting for the new protocol of pills I’m going to experiment with to arrive, and in the meantime, trying to learn all I can about raw food and the why’s of eating this way.

The road to raw is not a straight line. It’s got a lot of twists, turns, and exploration as part of it. Even though we are both very good “cooks”…and food preparers…we still periodically want to return to regular meals and see what happens. We did that last night. We have a favorite Thai organic restaurant, and we had soup and some cooked food, including fish and chicken, and the result was that neither one of us slept very well. I have noted on the nights that we have ONLY raw food, we sleep very well.

I went to Google this morning to try to find some answers to what is causing my blood pressure to suddenly be elevated on this new diet, and found all kinds of links to raw food and videos that show how it has helped multiple numbers of people get off blood pressure meds and how one of the causes of high blood pressure is too much protein in the body. That makes sense. I’ve been a big meat eater all my life. I have never been attracted to junk food, so processed food isn’t a problem, but the meals containing some kind of meat most every night may have been. Plus, until we’ve gone on the raw diet, Steve has been a huge salt lover, and when he cooked, there was a lot of salt in the food, even though we only use sea salt.

The reason I’m even bringing this up is that I see how we can become enthusiastic about something and see results and then see other areas that may not be showing an immediate shift, causing us to question or to become afraid. Unfortunately, there aren’t many physicians around who are raw food advocates, so there is not a great support system for when we question or are concerned about what we are doing. Also, I see that even though we get off most of the things that aren’t good for us, we may go through a period of questioning and trying out things that we used to like to see if they are “okay”. The journey into raw is a process, just like life. We don’t have the magic bullet that immediately brings everything into harmony. It takes time. We didn’t get to the state we’re in overnight, and the repair and regeneration of the body will take time to heal. It has to learn to trust us. After all, we’ve been dumping things into it that are not even real food, so the body wonders if what we are doing is just a momentary fad. Body is extremely intelligent, and is wonderfully forgiving to a very large extent, but there are limits. And rebuilding trust takes time.

I’m taking the rest of the day to read more of the Live Food Factor. I find that rather than being put off by my questions and concerns, I’m wanting to go deeper into finding out about this extraordinary way of eating and being. It has caused me to want to not only find answers, but now also to create a garden of veggies, fruit and herbs that may be a place where other people can also come to work and share in the results of our efforts. In addition, I see that the body is the living temple of the Divine. It is a gift to us that we take for granted, yet if we want to honor our Creator, we need to honor this incredible vehicle we are given. Exploring the questions that arise is only deepening my understanding and commitment to finding the best road possible for continuing excellent health and rejuvenation in mind/body/spirit. So far, I’ve not been disappointed. Now, it’s a process of unraveling the knots and letting the body come into its full potential…one step at a time! (KJ)